Fabrica Tessuti is mindful of the fact that natural resources cannot be utilized, abused and damaged indiscriminately. In this view, Fabrica Tessuti has decided to embark on a path to make a concrete contribution towards protecting the planet. Well-being and progress are only possible under these conditions.

Given the premise that technological advancements and style research are largely compatible with progress in the fields of ethics and the environment, our company is committed to creating high-quality products with a low environmental impact, investing in the traceability of raw materials and in the relationships with manufacturers and partners who are equally focused on sustainability.

4sustainability®, who are accompanying Fabrica Tessuti step by step in this journey, , have a thorough expertise in the field of sustainability and an approach to the subject founded in methods and processes. This approach is ideal for identifying the areas within an organization that require attention to improve and continue to grow. One of these areas is the reduction of chemical substances in the production process, for which Fabrica Tessuti has adopted the 4sustainability Protocol and has implemented an MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List).

Now, for Fabrica Tessuti, achieving zero environmental impact no longer seems impossible.